PiiComm Launches ServicePLUS, Hardware-as-a-Service Program

20 December 2017

Using Mobile Technologies Just Got A Lot Easier ServicePLUS is an alternative way for organizations to procure mobile devices without the headaches associated with ongoing support and management.  The complexity and abbreviated life spans of mobile devices are costly and resource-intensive to manage.  ServicePLUS allows businesses to focus on serving their customers and becoming less focused […]

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PiiComm Mobile Minute: Zebra Technologies MC 67

8 December 2017

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ServicePLUS Is An Innovative, Hardware-as-a-Service, Mobile Device And Services Bundle

8 December 2017

New Acquisition Model For Mobile Devices Focuses on Business Outcomes Not on I.T. Mobility Managed It can be costly and complex to deploy and support fleets on mobile devices and their users.   Once the devices and accessories are staged and applications  fully-tested, then asset tracking data is captured and updated.  They are individually packed and […]

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Mobile 2.0 For Enterprises

15 November 2016

How Effective Mobile Strategy Consulting Can Help An Organization Improve Mobile Efficiency With the always-on, localized, and ever-present nature of mobility, mobile strategy consulting is more important than ever. Connecting people, their devices, and data in efficient and intelligent ways is necessary to expand the opportunities for enterprise. These trends—collectively known as mobile 2.0—are pushing […]

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Is Your Mobile Device Right for You?

5 July 2016

How to Choose Between Rugged Devices and Non-Rugged Devices When doing fieldwork, whether it’s in the warehouse or on the showroom floor, you need your mobile device to endure heavy physical use. Consumer devices, or non-rugged devices, may be great for personal or office use, but have you considered your potential need for a rugged […]

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3 Easy Enterprise Mobile Solutions

13 April 2016

From Enterprise Asset Management to Hardware Acquisitions, It’s Easier than Ever to Start If yours is a forward-thinking business, then therefore chances are you will want to find a way to make mobility work for you. Every year, enterprise mobile solutions help countless businesses to become more efficient, more connected, and more engaged.  This applies to  […]

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Enterprise Mobility Enables Hardware-as-a-Service

17 February 2016

HaaS Enterprise Mobile Solutions Provide Hardware, Apps, and Support under One Plan Enterprise mobile solutions become more comprehensive with every year, as technology advances and we refine the methods to provide them. Hardware as a Service, or HaaS, evolved as way to make deploying mobile solutions easier. Industries such as healthcare, transportation, logistics, retail, manufacturing, […]

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Enterprise Asset Management Opportunities

14 February 2016

Mobile App Development and Scalable Cloud Solutions Can Streamline Business Mobile devices, RFID readers, inventory containers, fleet vehicles, maintenance equipment, and of course, your business’s products themselves. What do these all have in common? They are all great examples of your assets—and if you don’t keep a careful eye on how these assets move, you […]

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Device Failures Boost Enterprise Mobile TCO

22 June 2015

Managing Total Cost of Ownership of Mobile Devices An incredibly important factor that should never be overlooked by any company that has an enterprise mobile strategy is the TCO, or total cost of ownership, associated with each mobile device that is used in the field. The TCO is about much more than the upfront cost […]

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JUMP Starting Your Business

4 March 2015

The Right Mobile Technology Can Help you in More Ways than One Enterprise mobility solutions are now easier to use, faster to deploy, and packed with the latest innovations in technology.  They are which are also easier on the pocketbook! Our latest offer provides financing for complete mobile device management solutions, with the introduction of […]

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