Secure decommissioning

Reverse logistics that ensure corporate data and ESG policies are met.

With IT teams monopolized with keeping mobile devices online, critical security and Environmental Social Good (ESG) priorities for decommissioning old devices can get forgotten. Perhaps you’ve seen some of the following take place within your organization?

  • Security risks with returned devices piling up in an IT team area until someone has time to remove the SIM cards and wipe the data.
  • Privacy laws at risk with out of commission devices remaining out in the field.
  • High total cost of ownership (TOC) when devices sit aging in cabinets instead of being efficiently re-assigned or consigned.

Let your IT team focus on their business-critical tasks and confidently leave the reverse logistics and decommissioning to PiiComm.

You're in great company.

Secure and sustainable solutions.

When your mobile devices become outdated or out of circulation, PiiComm offers comprehensive reverse logistics and decommissioning, including:

  • Safe and secure data wiping, as well as SIM card destruction by trained technicians.
  • Certified and eco-friendly recycling or destruction of devices, if needed.
  • Maximized value recovery via trade-in, resale or recycling of materials of decommissioned devices.

Your ESG policies matter and we can help you go above and beyond compliance.

Managed mobility services. It’s all we do.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. RMA occurs when one of two things happen with a device: it has become damaged or it is no longer required in the field. If the device is damaged, PiiComm will send the device to its appropriate repair center for fixing. If the device is useable but no longer required in the field, it can be processed through our Reverse Logistics team.

Yes. PiiComm will help your company get the most out of every asset. We can securely wipe the device, load the new image, and reallocate a device to a different corporate location/user. PiiComm can also help to consign assets that still have value out to market or assist with their donation to a non-profit.

PiiComm recommends that a company considers the following when selecting how to they would like to decommission an IT asset: environmental impact (and availability of carbon credits), cybersecurity and privacy, social impact, physical space and storage requirements, and future operational needs. PiiComm is available to help you with this decision and you can request a complimentary assessment.