Enterprise mobility
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Whether you’re just starting to formulate your enterprise mobility management (EMM) strategy or you’re a seasoned EMM professional, these challenges might sound familiar to you:

  • Overwhelming hardware choices and limited in-house mobile technology expertise.
  • Limited staff and physical space for efficiently staging, kitting and deploying new assets.
  • Overburdened IT team unable to efficiently handle breaks and fixes.
  • Rising security risks from out-of-date hardware and software living in the field.

With 15+ years of experience, PiiComm is your trusted extension to your IT team.   

Strategic sourcing

Avoid costly mistakes and count on PiiComm to help you select the right rugged or consumer-grade device for your needs. 

Our 15+ years of experience and premier partnerships with the world’s leading hardware, software and carrier suppliers let you experience a thorough device testing period and the best pricing.  

Staging & deployment

With staff at the ready and secure, purpose-built facilities, PiiComm makes deployment a breeze.   

Time-tested and proven, PiiComm can efficiently configure, QA and deploy thousands of devices at a time so you can enjoy excellent time-to-value for your hardware purchase.  


Lifecycle management

Procuring and deploying is easy; it’s what comes after that’s hard. Imagine never having to deal with Day 2 issues? 

PiiComm provides visibility into the location and status of even non-assetized items such as styluses, cases and holders. Plus, you can rely on our rock-solid SLA for efficient break fixes. 


MDM as a service

You’ve invested in an MDM solution, but without skilled administration, your corporate data could be at risk.  

With proper daily management of your MDM, you can rest easy knowing that vulnerabilities and critical issues are handled with real-time remediation. 

Secure decommissioning

When upgrading your mobile device technology, security and ESG priorities for decommissioning your old fleet can get forgotten. 

Our full-scale reverse logistics management services will ensure your devices are safely recalled from the field, wiped, and reallocated according in a manner that lives up to your brand. 


Managed mobility services. It's all we do.

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