Enterprise Mobility Enables Hardware-as-a-Service

HaaS Enterprise Mobile Solutions Provide Hardware, Apps, and Support under One Plan

Enterprise mobile solutions become more comprehensive with every year, as technology advances and we refine the methods to provide them. Hardware as a Service, or HaaS, evolved as way to make deploying mobile solutions easier. Industries such as healthcare, transportation, logistics, retail, manufacturing, and more are constantly embracing what mobile technology can offer to them, and adopting strategies that integrate enterprise mobility into their current business model to increase efficiency, accuracy, and profit, while reducing waste and downtime.

Why Is HaaS Important?

Before the Hardware as a Service model, a business or institution would need to source the elements of its mobile strategy from different sources. Hardware is from the manufacturer or a vendor, applications and programs from another vendor. Yet other sources would provide  IT support, maintenance, management, and other enterprise mobile solutions.  Not only is this model needlessly convoluted, but the cost of deploying and maintaining systems can grow out of control.

What Is HaaS?

Hardware as a Service begins with a single idea: that deploying enterprise mobility can be much simpler and more cost-effective if managed under one roof. A HaaS vendor applies the same line of reasoning as the similarly-modeled SaaS services such as Microsoft Office 360.  It creates a service wherein businesses can procure and deploy the proper hardware, preconfigured and preloaded with the proper applications..  In addition it provides IT support, device management services, and maintenance—all for a single monthly fee. This fee is typically applied on a per-user basis.

How HaaS Benefits You?

When you contract a HaaS provide, you are creating an immediate opportunity for large-scale advancement with a quick turnaround time. Managed mobility service providers are experienced professionals when it comes to assembling the requisite components required for your mobile solution. Upon engaging their services, your staff will be equipped with hardware that is ready for immediate deployment.   You can add or subtract devices at any time as HaaS solutions are entirely scalable as a workforce grows or shrinks.   Along with providing access to up-to-date hardware and applications, this makes it an incredibly future-proof solution as well.

If you’re ready to move your enterprise mobility strategy towards a Hardware as a Service model and reap these benefits for your company, there’s no time like the present.

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