About us

Our Story

The name PiiComm is a nod to what inspired our three founders to first establish this company in 2006: to empower organizations with the infinite (the Greek letter “π” or Pi) possibilities of mobile communications (“comm”).

It’s also a metaphor for how we aspire to run our company. Just like Pi goes infinitely, a long-standing business must continue to grow and expand over time. And just as Pi is intrinsic to many different areas of mathematics and science, our managed mobility services must deliver exceptional value to our customers across various industries and markets so that they too become intrinsic. 

Who we are

Almost two decades later, PiiComm remains true to its origins and follows its values every day.


  • By reducing operational cost, mitigating risk, increasing efficiency and simplifying mobility management for enterprises, PiiComm is Canada’s ultimate trusted EMM specialist.


  • Providing world-leading services with transparency, knowledge and experience, while ensuring accountability.
  • Acting with boldness, integrity and efficiency to help our customers, partners and team grow and succeed.
  • Creating lasting partnerships by staying true to each other.

Leadership team

Rick Robillard

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Adam Nicol


Deborah Hendrix

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Shawn Winter

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Victoria McGlone

Executive Vice President of Revenue

Julie Harrison

Vice President of Marketing

Terry Miller

Vice President of Sales


CITT Endorsed Business Partner

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2012 Motorola Empower Circle Award

Managed mobility services. It's all we do.