Is Your Mobile Device Right for You?

How to Choose Between Rugged Devices and Non-Rugged Devices

When doing fieldwork, whether it’s in the warehouse or on the showroom floor, you need your mobile device to endure heavy physical use. Consumer devices, or non-rugged devices, may be great for personal or office use, but have you considered your potential need for a rugged device? If your mobile device needs to stand up to rough work environments, consider the following benefits of a rugged device.

Rugged Devices vs. Non-Rugged Devices

It’s important to evaluate your usage needs when purchasing a personal computer or smartphone. There are a number of additional issues you should consider when purchasing similar devices for your business. Weather and work conditions should be top on your list of considerations when considering what you need from your device. Many work conditions for construction sites, warehouses, healthcare facilities, or manufacturing sites call for a rugged device that can withstand dust, extreme temperatures, excessive vibration, and hard drops to the ground. Consumer-grade devices are not equipped to survive the wear and tear that comes with more active use or extreme environments.

Construction and Connectivity

All rugged devices are constructed for optimum performance through a controlled environment. This internal construction can include components that are best suited for extreme hot or cold temperatures. Additionally, keyboards and other buttons are sealed so that dirt, dust, or other substances cannot damage the internal components. This makes the device more reliable and it running longer. Likewise, scratch-proof screens make sure that information is readable, and devices are well-equipped to be readable in bright sunlight. Rugged devices are also built with wireless connectivity that is more reliable than with non-rugged devices.

Rugged Devices:

You may note that non-rugged devices are more ergonomic, multi-purpose, and often cost less up front. These features are enticing. However, they will not provide the same hardware stability or survive extreme work environments, therefore costing you more in the long run. A combination of devices may be best for your workforce, so consider which environments could use rugged devices to boost productivity and reduce the cost of device replacement.

Mobile devices that can stand up to your demand for performance in harsher work settings are important for your business. Keep consumer products where they belong for light or personal use. Meanwhile, make sure you have rugged devices for where it matters most.

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