ServicePLUS Is An Innovative, Hardware-as-a-Service, Mobile Device And Services Bundle

New Acquisition Model For Mobile Devices Focuses on Business Outcomes Not on I.T.

Mobility Managed

It can be costly and complex to deploy and support fleets on mobile devices and their users.   Once the devices and accessories are staged and applications  fully-tested, then asset tracking data is captured and updated.  They are individually packed and shipped to users.  For fleets of hundreds or thousands of devices this process is better dealt with by a managed mobility services provider since they specialize  in this type of work. An MMS provider has built the processes, tools and physical facilities suited to this work.  This projects represent significant capital investments, resource demands and planning.  Executing a smooth, well-managed project therefore means return-on-investment benefits accrue without delay.

Day 1 Support

After the roll-out, the ServicePLUS program switches from deployment and then to remote support mode.  According to VDC Research Group, mobile device failure rates exceed 15% for tablets and 20% for smartphones. Our own experience after ten years providing lifecycle management for fleets of mobile devices failure rates of 50% are not uncommon.  Day 1 switches on services for remote help desk support, spares management and repair management.  Minimizing user downtime is critical to manage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It also ensures that return on investment expectations are met.  With on average 200 minutes of downtime per device failure, minimizing lost productivity costs can mean significant benefit for your organization.  To learn firsthand what one customer had to report read the voice of the customer infographic located here.

Fleet Analytics

By deploying, activating and tracking mobile device assets such as tablets, smartphones, accessories, cellular network identifiers and warranties it consequently, relieves our customers from having to do so.   Customers appreciate understanding how their mobile device infrastructure is performing without having to scour through pages of reports.  Our dashboard reporting is a customizable  high-level status check of important metrics.   If a drill-down on any data-point is desirable, then all of the data is immediately accessible.



Cradle to Grave

I.T. department workloads are continually expanding.  Consequently, this puts pressure on resources and drives up capital costs.  ServicePLUS is an all encompassing program that bundles lifecycle management, hardware and support into simple monthly operating cost so that you can focus on your business and your customers not on I.T.  At contract expiry your fleet is completely refreshed with new technology.  As a result your staff is equipped with the best, most current tools available.

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