PiiComm Launches ServicePLUS, Hardware-as-a-Service Program

Using Mobile Technologies Just Got A Lot Easier

ServicePLUS is an alternative way for organizations to procure mobile devices without the headaches associated with ongoing support and management.  The complexity and abbreviated life spans of mobile devices are costly and resource-intensive to manage.  ServicePLUS allows businesses to focus on serving their customers and becoming less focused on being IT experts.

Focus On Core Business

If up until now IT has been a significant business expenses you know how costly and resource-intensive IT investments can be.  ServicePLUS frees up healthcare firms to focus on health outcomes; retailers to deliver better customer service and transportation firms to move more loads.  Why become IT experts if your business is not IT?

Avoid Outdated Technology

ServicePLUS provides all of the hardware, software and support services required to ensure your mobile users are as productive as possible.  You pay a single monthly operating charge for the term of the ServicePLUS agreement.  At expiry your technology is completely refreshed – so your staff is happier and always using the latest tools and technology.

Predictable OPEX

ServicePLUS is a recognition that information technology depreciates so quickly that  ownership becomes less important than utility.  By having a more manageable operating expense, cash flow is freed up to provide increased working capital to help grow your business.

Support and Maintenance

As a fully-managed service model, your ServicePLUS  arrangement includes initial and ongoing deployment, support, help desk and decommissioning services.  Your mobile users will be supported by mobility experts whose sole goal is ensuring maximum staff productivity.   This includes professional managed engagements, spares management, remote troubleshooting and performance analytics.

ServicePLUS datasheet: click here