Using Barcode Generators in Business

Common Types of 1D and 2D Barcodes

Barcode technology is one of the most efficient ways for businesses of all sizes to manage and track inventories. It is an ideal alternative to manual-based inventory and tracking because it eliminates costly errors. Businesses have the option of using free 1D or 2D barcode generators online or barcode generator software.

1D Barcode Types

Most people are familiar with 1D barcodes, some of which encode only numbers and others that encode any keyboard character. Here are some of the most common codes on 1D barcode generators:

2D Barcode Types

Businesses that need to store more information while taking up less space may prefer 2D barcodes, which require an image scanner to read. In 2D barcode types, two-dimensional codes represent data using two-dimensional symbols and shapes.

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The Free Barcode Generator of Choice

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