Top 3 Use-Cases for an RFID Solution

RFID Solutions from PiiComm will enable you to utilize Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that identifies labeled or tagged objects wirelessly for automated data capture applications which can aid you in asset management and tracking.

RFID Solutions: RFID Tags


PiiComm RFID Solutions include printed bar codes – such as those used on grocery store items – can be read only if they are in plain view of the scanner reading them.

RFID tags transmit a radio frequency signal, which provides several benefits:

  • RFID tags can be read up to 10-15 feet away
  • RFID tags can be programmed to store large volumes of information
  • RFID tags are customizable for a variety of applications

RFID Readers

Our RFID solutions also include RFID Readers that connect with the RFID tags and transmit the data to your applications:

  • Readers can read multiple tags virtually simultaneously
  • Readers can be stationary or handheld

RFID Solutions: RFID Readers

It’s important to know where your assets are. Here are 3 of our preferred uses cases for an RFID solution:

Use Case: Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

Advanced Information Data Capture (AIDC) for Government of Canada

Advanced Information Data Capture (AIDC)

“Days of auditing should be reduced to just a few hours.” – Jim Ritari, Manager, Logistics and Project Systems

Business Problem:

Automate the auditing of assets located in 170 locations worldwide.

RFID Solution:

PiiComm implemented an Advanced Information Data Capture (AIDC) solution to manage data related to RFID reads of tags attached to assets. Information is stored in an SAP system, while the AIDC software manages the SAP-based data on handheld readers. Once RFID tags are attached to assets, an operator can simply load data onto the handheld, and then walk through a residence with the handheld. While moving around, the user can interrogate most of the assets’ tags within approximately 30 feet. After reviewing the results on the handheld unit and selecting a list of items deemed missing, they then can walk through another residence and attempt to locate the missing assets.

Use Case: ArcelorMittal Dofasco

RFID Asset Tracking for ArcelorMittal Dofasco

RFID Asset Tracking

Business Problem:

Understand who is on Dofasco’s large plant site at any given time.

RFID Solution:

PiiComm’s solution involved placing RFID tags on trucks and people. Tag readers were placed at all gates, and when a person or truck enters the site, the gate reader opens the gate and automatically reports the identification information to a management database. This information is instantly displayed to administration personnel. When a truck exits the site the data is also tracked. In the event of an emergency, Dofasco now has a clear understanding of how many people or vehicles are on-site and an approximation of where they are based on the gate used for entry.

Use Case: IVACO Rolling Mills

RFID Inventory Tracking for IVACO

RFID Inventory Tracking

“PiiComm has become the “GO-TO” partner for my important projects.”– Robert Crooks, Supervisor, Technical Services

Business Problem:

Track materials in extreme conditions

RFID Solution:

PiiComm worked with several tag manufactures to design and test RFID tags that could withstand temperatures of hundreds of degrees to enable IVACO to track production inventories of hot-rolled steel. When the steel rods come off of the production line they are then rolled for easy transport. The PiiComm-sourced RFID tags, which have been pre-programmed with unique identifier information, are then affixed to the steel during the final phase of the production process. As the tagged rolls move around the plant floor and come into proximity of RFID readers which are located at strategic points, the tag information, that includes customer order data, is read automatically and keeps management informed about completed customer orders, the location of the manufactured goods as well as lot number and manufacturing details.

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