The Printer: A Prime Example of a Modern Mobility Challenge

The humble printer has always been a dynamic and critical part of business operations. Today, even more so. Regardless of your industry, the ability for a deskless worker to print barcodes, labels, receipts, tags or tickets is no doubt delivering higher employee productivity, precision, and accuracy.

They are also a prime example of a modern mobility challenge. A recent survey report conducted by SOTI suggests that a significant portion of organizations have not integrated printers into their Mobile Device Management (MDM) software:

  • 51% lack tools to remotely troubleshoot problems
  • 42% lack real-time centralized management to know where printers are
  • 40% do not know the status of their printers in terms of settings and configurations
  • 35% cannot see how much a printer isbeing used

Are your printers a security risk?The longstanding neglect of these devices compared to other mobile devices has resulted in only 2% of all printers worldwide being considered secure. Further alarming is that 77% of organizations are confident in their ability to protect mobile devices from threats, but this does not apply to printers, with 56% of companies excluding printers from their security strategy.

Shawn Winter, one of the founders of PiiComm, is not surprised to read these statistics. “It’s a growing pain on the path to a complete digitization of an organization’s processes. But when we recommend an enterprise mobility management strategy to our customers, we make a point of including printers as one of many endpoints that need to be thoroughly secured.” He also notes that enterprise-grade MDM platforms make this easy and immediately solve a number of the printer challenges noted above.

Would you like to learn more about securing your printers as part of your complete strategy? Are you concerned that your printers with outdated firmware could be vulnerable to hacking? PiiComm’s security experts can help. Let’s talk.

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