An enterprise-grade MDM platform: Is your company ready to upgrade?

Most companies will hit a tipping point where the pain of not using an enterprise-grade MDM platform is greater than taking the leap to invest in one. But how do you know when your company is ready?

Naturally, this kind of assessment will need to take into account your organization’s specific needs, goals, and current mobile device practices. However, there are a number of key factors that every company will need to consider when evaluating their readiness.

Top 10 signs your company is ready for an MDM software

  1. Centralized control: If your organization uses a number of mobile devices for work purposes, and managing them individually is challenging.
    • MDM software becomes valuable when you need centralized control.
  2. Data security: If your organization handles sensitive data, compliance requirements, or industry-specific regulations.
  3. Productivity and efficiency: If device management tasks are consuming significant IT resources and impacting productivity.
    • MDM can automate and streamline these processes, freeing up IT teams for more strategic work.
  4. Cost control: If your organization is looking to control its costs.
    • MDM can help control mobile device-related costs, such as data plan optimization, reducing roaming charges, and extending device lifecycles.
  5. Standardization: If your organization uses a variety of mobile device types and operating systems.
    • MDM can standardize device configurations and ensure consistent security policies.
  6. Data backup and recovery: If data loss on mobile devices is a concern.
    • MDM can provide backup and recovery solutions to safeguard critical information.
  7. Asset Management: If tracking and managing mobile device assets are challenging.
    • MDM can maintain an inventory of all managed devices, including software versions and configurations.
  8. Business Continuity: If maintaining uninterrupted mobile device operations is vital for your organization’s continuity.
    • MDM can help ensure devices remain operational and secure.
  9. Lost or Stolen Devices: If the loss or theft of a mobile device poses a significant security or data breach risk.
    • MDM’s remote lock and wipe features are essential.
  10. App Management: If you need to control which apps are installed on company devices.
    • MDM can control which apps are installed on devices, manage updates, and enforce app security policies.

As companies continue to digitize their operations, the critical nature, volume and technological complexity of their mobile devices will also increase. We foresee that investing in an enterprise-grade MDM platform will become a business necessity, contributing to efficiency gains across the organization.

When a company hits the tipping point where it chooses to use an MDM platform, it may also want to consider setting themselves up for success from the start by using certified MDM technicians for its configuration and set-up.






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