The Expansion of RFID Solutions

How RFID Solutions are Advancing with Technology and Expanding Across Industries

RFID technology is mature technology which is being used in a variety of industries. With the evolution of technology, RFID solutions are able to meet the growing customer demands and company needs for efficient inventory management and operations. From retail to the automotive industry, RFID solutions are providing accuracy, speed, and ease in tracking products and parts.

RFID Solutions in the Automotive Industry

RFID technology is also improving operations in the automotive industry and meeting the growing customer demands for custom-built automobiles. An article on the evolution of RFID technology discusses how RFID tags can now be placed on cars during manufacturing, thanks to their ability to withstand the harsh environment.

The tag placement allows manufacturers to label personalized parts of cars during assembly. This keeps the specifications accurate to the customer’s order. RFID tags:

RFID solutions with sensors to keep track of such items as:

RFID Solutions in the Retail Industry

Customers want convenience when shopping. The less time they have to be in a store, the better. RFID solutions in the retail industry are reducing customer wait times and keeping accurate track of inventory.

According to an article from Consumerist, RFID technology is improving retail business by reducing inventory errors and tracking products efficiently. With RFID tags on clothing and other retail products, businesses can:

Wide Range of Applications

Companies are also now using cloud-based applications and services to efficiently manage and track inventory with RFID solutions. This can eliminate the extra costs associated with the necessary tech support of the pre-cloud era. Advancements in technology have also helped with printed electronics and improved antennae design, further improving RFID tag performance and readability.

RFID solutions are now meeting the many needs of customers and businesses in a variety of industries and more efficiently than ever before.

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