Tablet Barcode Scanner -vs- Classic Barcode Scanner

Overcoming Inventory Issues

Technology is advancing at an incredible rate. Over the last decade, more than ever, technological progress is being adopted in the business sector. Companies now have an abundance of tools, apps and programs at the touch of a finger. A major issue that many companies faced in the past was the struggle to keep track of their merchandise and inventory. Computers were not readily available, nor smartphones or tablet barcode scanners. In those days inventory tracking was manual, and tedious. Thankfully, Universal Product Codes (UPC) were created, and from that point on, everything changed. UPCs are the little boxes in the corner of the packaging on products. They’re made up of black lines of different heights, widths and numbers. Each UPC code has an individual design, which allows scanners to distinguish them from other products. This also allows business owners to categorize their merchandise digitally. The world of barcode scanners is changing every day. Many business tool integrators proudly sell products that range from a 2-D barcode scanner to a tablet barcode scanner.

Barcode scanners: what’s the difference?

You might be wondering–what’s the difference between a classic barcode scanner and a tablet barcode scanner? Well, first of all, classic barcode scanners have been in use  by businesses for years, and their tough, durable design is perfect for harsh work conditions. Classic scanners might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but they last. On the other end of the spectrum is a tablet barcode scanner. Tablet scanners are extremely practical and the technology offers everything you need all in one device: the Internet, phone, email, and above all else–the ability to efficiently scan barcodes. Tablet scanners are sleek, resilient and easy to store–unlike the bulky, classic barcode scanners. Although they are a little more expensive then classic version, they are much more functional.

Choose the right model for you

In the end, either device will efficiently scan barcodes, as both are quality products that will last for years to come. The important thing when purchasing a barcode scanner is to consider your company’s specific needs: merchandise, work environment, business demands and compatibility. Scanners can help make your business more organized, efficient and cost-effective. Being able to see all of your merchandise at the touch of a button is very practical. No more running back and forth between the stock room to find merchandise. An abundance of information is just a swipe away.

In short, barcode scanners have changed the way businesses operate. These indispensable business tools are a great asset to add to your business. Stay ahead of the curve with this essential technology!

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