RFID Solutions Simplify Business

How RFID solutions increase billing efficiency for snow removal contractors

How RFID Solutions Are Improving The Efficiency Of Billing And Tracking Systems

RFID solutions deliver efficient and accurate information for a variety of industry uses, including billing and tracking. With RFID solutions, companies are better able to track their services, gain reliable information and bill customers accurately.

The City of Regina is currently using RFID tagging at its snow dump. To cover the costs of maintaining these facilities, the city has implemented a tracking and billing system using RFID technology.  The system will efficiently bill snow removal contractors and companies who make use of the dump.

An RFID tag is placed on the windshield of the truck to identify the truck’s authorization to use the facility.  It also determines the size of the truck (to determine the volume of snow) and the driver’s billing information.

A camera verifies the size of the truck and cross-reference with the RFID tag. If unauthorized vehicles use the facility, a camera will capture the license plate number to bill the drivers.

This automated system functions 24 hours a day, so contractors can use the dump at any time. This adds extra convenience for snow removal services, which can often be an all-night operation. In many cases, drivers have to make multiple trips to dump snow.

The systems rely on RFID tags and cameras so there’s little need for staff to work graveyard shifts or in inclement weather. In turn, this helps cut down on overall costs and frees up more budget for billing purposes.

RFID solutions for tracking and billing increase efficiency and simplify operations for all parties. By recording information, companie save time and money and reduce the number of staff needed to keep track of customers.

This system saves time for customers as well. For snow removal contractors, less time is spent to dump snow, allowing for more time on the road.  If there are any billing disputes  companies will have the accurate tracking records and proof of services to review.

This is just one example of how innovative RFID solutions have improved operations for both customers and service providers. Think about what RFID could do for your business!