Overview of our Enterprise Mobile Asset Management Services

Enterprise Asset Management Solutions from PiiComm provide organizations responsible for maintaining, tracking, operating, and inspecting enterprise assets. We will help your business reduce downtime and enhance your visibility. PiiComm Enterprise Asset Management will work with you, your carriers, various devices and IT infrastructures to ensure your operations run smoothly, cost-effectively and your mobile users are productive 24-7.

Built around your success

We bring unbiased industry knowledge and recommendations to the table to serve a single purpose – your mobile success. PiiComm Enterprise Asset Management has been developing mobile solutions for the Transportation & Logistics industry, Field Service workers, Manufactures, Retailers, Government agencies and Healthcare providers who all need to collect, access and manage data in a mobile fashion.

Mobile Asset Management

Expertise you can rely on

Supporting the services we deliver are automated systems and web tools that track and manage all of your device fleets and provide real-time, decision-making intelligence so that you can focus on your business outcome, rather than managing technology. Additionally, PiiComm Enterprise Asset Management is vendor agnostic and is not influenced by brands that we partner with.

Enterprise Asset Management

Hassle-free enterprise asset management

PiiComm has supplied customers with specialized rugged and commercial computing devices to improve their business by helping them to become more efficient and access business critical information on demand. PiiComm’s Mobile Helpdesk provides Lifecycle Management, MMS and MDM services to ensure that the technology delivers the ROI they expect over three to five years. Once your devices are operational, day-to-day procurements for accessories and other support items are simple and efficient via our on-line sourcing and order management systems.

Here is a breakdown of Mobile Asset Management phases:


  • Assess & select mobile device for your business needs
  • Procure device
  • Asset tag and load device ID into asset database
  • Load & Test Applications
  • Kit, pack & deliver device
  • Activate, stage and distribute

Device Management

  • Track & manage voice & data usage
  • Enable on-line procurement catalog
  • Establish geo-fencing rules if desired
  • Monitor & manage performance
  • Track and report on fleet health & age
  • Deploy customer performance dashboard
  • Containerize applications on employee-owned device

Repair / Help Desk Services

  • Tier 1 triage help desk
  • Enable service escalation
  • Receive trouble ticket
  • Deliver spare with application(s) loaded & tested
  • Manage RMA repair process or repair device
  • Load repair details into asset database
  • Receive repaired unit to spare pool


Transition Management

  • Pro-active technology refresh planning
  • Evergreen technology roll-over
  • Collection and green disposal

To learn more about PiiComm’s Mobile Asset Management Services, contact us to start a conversation.