A Mobile Government is a Modern Government

Public Sector Use of Mobile Is Having Transformative Impact

We live in a mobile/digital age. Most of what we do in our daily lives- from banking, business, communicating, dating, and leisure is done on the internet, which is increasingly being accessed using tablets and smart phone . Assignments previously reserved for the office are now being completed on the go, during our daily commute, or while we wait in the doctor’s office. It is no longer a requirement that you be in the same building as your co-workers, or to discuss a project at the office water cooler.

Mobile technology is changing the ways that people find and use information. This can and should affect the ways in which today’s public sector organizations and governments work. Whether you work in law enforcement, social work, safety inspection, or another area of public service, communication with the public being served is essential.

Not convinced? Here’s how:

1. Increased productivity                                                                                                                                            

Take your work with you! Mobile government solutions can improve the efficiency of service delivery – no matter the service in question. Whether your goal is an improvement in response times, or you’d like a faster and better way to manage your inventory and assets, mobile government solutions will result in an improved  levels of service by allowing you to work without restriction, and handle increased work volumes with ease.

2. Time saved

A mobile government means that you can access and input information on-site. There is no longer a need to be in your office or at a desktop computer. This could mean the ability to input case data in real-time, or to streamline processes that used to require manual input. Moving to mobile also reduces the risk of forgotten or inaccurate information by allowing instantaneous data entry.

3. Reduced cost

Ultimately, increased productivity and time saved means less money spent, however, mobile government solutions also enable you to avoid costly processes and procedures, including administrative services and expensive paperwork. Allowing employees to work from anywhere can also reduce travel and fuel costs.

4. Increased communication

A mobile government can revolutionize the way the public sector connects with citizens. Limitless access means enhanced communication with the public that you serve.  Easy access to information is essential in ensuring a well-served and engaged community. Experience has shown this can  ultimately mean higher satisfaction with public services.

Moving towards a more mobile government can be a transformative step. Isn’t it time to bring our public services into the digital age?

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