Mobile App Development Makes Healthcare More Accessible

Mobile app development helps provide healthcare to those living in remote areas

Cloud-Based Mobile Applications Improve Healthcare For Isolated Individuals And Communities

Mobile app development is a continuous process which adapts to the needs and wants of users. From ordering food online, to tracking an individuals’ own physicality, there are many ways mobile applications can improve our daily tasks.

Mobile app development is a growing market full of innovation and opportunity—and nowhere is this more relevant than in healthcare.

One such innovation provides reliable healthcare to those living in isolated communities, far from any healthcare professionals. Students at Makerere University in Uganda have developed a mobile app to detect a common infection in girls and women that is linked to cervical cancer.

Using this app, the patient takes a urine sample and tests it with attached custom sensors. The sensors pick up the bacteria levels associated with the infection and input the results into the mobile app. The app then provides the patient with a diagnosis.

If the results are positive, the patient can seek medical care and treatment  to avoid cancer.

Although cervical cancer is easy to detect, this cancer is a major health problem for women in Uganda as it too often goes undiagnosed.

With cloud-based mobile applications, patients can quickly diagnose common illnesses and infections and seek medical care if need be. This saves lives by diagnosing the illness before it’s too late.

A diagnostic mobile app can provide early detection for people who are at risk  due to their isolated locations or lack of resources.  Instead of spending money to see a doctor for tests, or avoiding testing altogether, the mobile app can provide an early option.

Mobile diagnostic apps, like the one developed by the students at Makerere University, are filling a much-needed healthcare role. Mobile app development has the potential to transform the world and save lives. Technology truly can make the world a better place.

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Mobile Devices in Healthcare