Managing Data with Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise asset management for business security

Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

Enterprise mobility and BYOD (bring your own device) trends are reshaping how businesses manage their data. These trends are also having a profound effect on operations, maintenance, and efficiency. But with new opportunities come new challenges, raising the question: how can businesses overcome these challenges to get the most productivity out of their mobile workforce? The solution is enterprise asset management, or more specifically, enterprise mobility management.

The Rise in BYOD

Employees want the latest devices, but companies can’t afford to keep up with the costs of purchasing new devices every year; it’s impractical from a financial perspective, and leaves an IT department struggling to keep up. BYOD offers a practical solution by allowing employees to use the latest technology they already own. As a result, businesses enjoy employee efficiency and productivity. But they also need a plan for handling the secure management of applications and content. Three of the biggest issues are:

Mobility management companies provide businesses with the services they need to overcome these obstacles, such as information security, remote backup, and remote wipe and application provisioning.

Containerized vs. Non-Containerized Solutions

Containerized application solutions are the most limiting because employees access company networks and applications through a separate browser app. Employees may feel frustrated because they can’t use the full functionality of their smartphones. Cloud-based or non-containerized solutions are another option. Employees still connect through their mobile devices but are routed through a solution that sits in the cloud. Remote backup and deletion protects businesses from unauthorized access.

Mobility Solutions

Companies that provide enterprise mobility management provide a wide range of mobility solutions to access, collect, and manage data.

With enterprise asset management, businesses receive mobile service solutions customized to their specific needs with the goal of improving productivity, operations, and management. Essentially, it is a well-managed approach to providing employees with the proper direction for using the right technology in the right way.

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