Five Reasons To Use A Managed Mobility Service Provider

Deep Experience, Specialized Training and Industry Knowledge

Support resources with specialized skills-sets can significantly reduce the cost of deploying mobile technologies. Managed mobility service providers are enterprise mobility specialists that provide technology, software and comprehensive services to support mobility infrastructures.

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

In order to meet business objectives it is important to understand the upstream and downstream impacts of mobile device deployments. This applies to people, systems, software and customers. The range of available mobile devices is extensive.  Simple issues such as battery-life can have serious negative consequences. Deploying a mobile application without sufficient user input could jeopardize project success. Other mobility-related issues can arise, such as: availability of cellular and wifi networks, mobile app architectures and deployment deadlines.  Risks can also come from lack of mobility-specific skill-sets, asset tracking and inventory processes and inadequate device sparing schemes.  MMS providers provide planning services that are based on years of knowledge and practical experience.

7/24 User Support

If your organization is launching a new fleet of mobile devices or a new business application for existing mobile users, how will users be supported once the devices are deployed? With device failure rates as high as 20% to 50% how will users continue to be productive and downtime minimized.  For a fleet of 500 smartphones that translates to 100 to 250 users being impacted.  Applications that increase the scope and value that employees deliver to employers also mean increased productivity loss when devices fail.  When a device fails,  replacing it with a new device still necessitates: capturing stored data from damaged devices, cellular account transfers, re-loading images, etc.  Remote troubleshooting, ticketing systems and asset tracking tools with cellular-network-specific configuration data are critical to minimizing user downtime.

Managed Mobility Service Providers Free Up I.T. Resources

I.T. helpdesk personnel regularly struggle to extend their services to support growing populations of mobility users.  PC’s, laptops and servers are standardized and modularized so helpdesk staffers can efficiently respond using support tools that are mature and effective.  Mobile devices differ substantially from Windows-based desktops and laptops because of their ability to operate untethered to AC power.  Other differences that can create new challenges for help desk support staff are touch-screen displays, cellular and GPS radios. In most cases a managed mobility services provider will free up work-load from time-strapped I.T. staff to work on more valuable projects.

Reduce Productivity Loss

Managed mobility service providers deliver trained staff and processes to ensure that when your mobile devices break users experience minimum downtime.  They also bring economies of scale to cost-effectively deliver high quality deployments that meet customer deadlines.  Maintaining close relationships with world-class software firms, mobile device manufacturers and telecom network providers eliminate  effort for customers. Total cost of ownership visibility and lifecycle management disciplines ensure I.T. assets deliver maximum value.

Innovation Platform-as-a-Service

It’s fair to say that managed mobility service providers have built their businesses learning how to more effectively design, deliver and also support mobility infrastructures. Firms such as PiiComm have invested in software development for mobile applications, middle ware and database systems and bring a strong track record of helping customers.  Our innovations help customers to increase competitive advantage. We help them by lowering operating costs, increasing brand loyalty and offer new channels to service customers.

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