Expanding Business with Barcodes

Barcode generators help Rwanda compete in the global market

How Barcodes Add Greater Security and Increase Competition for Products and Businesses

Barcodes are an essential part of the global exports market. From product manufacture to being scanned by retail cashiers, barcodes are the most accurate and secure way to identify a product. Companies with large product inventories rely heavily on barcodes to keep track of their inventory.  Products in transit are trackable with barcodes so there are no discrepancies over their location.

Critical For Success

Barcode generators and readers allow firms to track their products throughout each step in the supply chain so they enjoy greater security and efficiency. For firms to have a chance at succeeding in the global exports market, barcodes are a must-have.

Barcodes are labels that contain specific product data. They are made  by a barcode generator and are read by barcode scanners/readers. Each barcode is unique to the country of the company.  Countries have their own codes that help improve business and compete in the global market.


Rwanda’s new barcode system, will give the nation a chance to compete in the global market. Rwanda has been using barcodes from neighboring countries.  This hinders export growth since there are no products in the global market with Rwandan barcodes. Locally-made products can now reach a greater market and company operations  run more efficiently.

A new barcoding system will  improve investor interest  since the country will have a global presence. Rwandan businesses will be able to compete with any other country that has a packaging centre and its own barcodes. Rwanda has a target of 28% export growth once the new system is in place.

It is common for  manufacturers to overlook barcodes to save money and time.  Businesses need a barcode system to manage inventory, keep track of products and compete in the global market. As simple as they seem, barcodes are crucial for the success of businesses anywhere in the world.

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