Enterprise Mobile Apps vs. Consumer Mobile Apps

Business Apps For Mobile Devices Growing In Use

When we hear the word “app” we often think consumer apps like Candy Crush, Snapchat, The Weather Network, etc. In a world where people want an app for everything, these platforms can certainly become successful; however, for retail or B2B companies, investing in enterprise mobile app development can be much more useful and resourceful. While consumer driven apps seem to be dominating the market, mobile app companies see a rise in enterprise mobile apps.  eWEEK predicts the mobile enterprise app market will double by the year 2018.

What differentiates an enterprise or B2B app?

The first difference is the way it creates revenue. Enterprise mobile apps create revenue in a much more indirect manner. By streamlining processes, enterprise mobile apps help improve accuracy and efficiency. With a focus on productivity, enterprise apps can also help companies save time and, in the long run, money. Enterprise mobile apps are different based on style and design. While consumer apps are created with emotion in mind mobile app companies must take a more pragmatic approach to enterprise apps.

Where do mobile enterprise apps fit in?

Mobile app companies can create enterprise apps for a variety of businesses and purposes. These days, we’re beginning to see a change in workplace dynamics. Many companies have begun to take on a more flexible schedule Many employees are no longer confined exclusively to a desk and computer. In these instances, having a mobile app that can perform work-related tasks on the go gives employees access to their office from the palm of their hands.

How do mobile enterprise apps benefit businesses?

Mobile app companies create enterprise apps as a solution to a specific problem. By streamlining a task, enterprise apps can boost output time and allow companies to take on more orders and/or customers. For example, a courier company might create an enterprise app that allows employees to track orders electronically. By removing the manual process of measuring items and taking inventory by hand, the courier would reduce processing time and the effort.

One of the key components to a successful business is efficiency. Now more than ever, companies have the opportunity to improve their efficiency through technological advances – specifically, mobile app development. Investing in an enterprise mobile app will provide more long-term results than a consumer app. That’s  not to say each kind doesn’t have their proper time and place. If you’re considering an app but aren’t sure what’s right for you, consulting with mobile app companies can help.  .