Enterprise Asset Management in Manufacturing

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How Rugged Mobile Devices, Barcode Generators, and Cloud Services Maximize Manufacturing Efficiency

Enterprise asset management—the tracking, deployment, and acquisition of corporate resources—is as important in manufacturing as it is in any industry. Where every part, raw material, hour of labor must be calculated with precision to ensure that work is being done efficiently mobile solutions may be the future. A manufacturing plant, factory, or warehouse is a big place, after all, and the process includes many stages. If you visualize it as a shipping or courier route, it’s easy to see how portable, mobile devices and powerful software is beneficial.

Monitoring Workflow

A cloud-based dashboard, accessible from any rugged mobile device is a must in enterprise asset management. By labeling components with a barcode generator, workers can instantly check in and log the progress of every component.  You can instantly get a clear and accurate portrayal of the workflow, with real-time updates and data on time and other factors that increase efficiency.

Tracking Maintenance Needs

Every machine in a manufacturing plant should be inspected regularly for safety, compliance, and maintenance purposes. With an integrated barcode generator to help label each machine, you can do away with the pencil and clipboard. In addition not to mention chasing it down to double-check the status of each machine. Instead, by simply scanning the barcode on each machine, and entering inspection data on a handheld device, that data becomes  available to anyone else. Additionally, maintenance requests and orders for  parts can be automatic.  This, along with accurate data on the specific maintenance needs, reducing a machine’s downtime.

Improving Supply Coordination

If you’re thinking of implementing a barcode generator, you’re not the only one—chances are, your suppliers are doing something similar. In manufacturing, an unexpected increase in demand can mean exhausting your supply of raw materials or parts. It becomes vital to be able to coordinate with your supply chain instantaneously when you need new stock. As  retailers and other industries know, enterprise mobile solutions excel at meeting this need.  Use a mobile barcode scanner to monitor  use, how quickly you use it and have new supplies ordered automatically.

These are just three ways to increase the efficiency and operational performance in manufacturing. By going mobile, you can truly take your business into a new era of efficiency and functionality.

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