Zebra Tablets
from PiiComm

Set people and productivity in motion with a new standard for tablets.

Zebra tablets deliver rugged construction for durability, and sophisticated high-performance hardware to ensure your people stay connected and productive. Enjoy the piece of mind these secure tablets provide, along with the flexibility and ease of deployment that will keep your mobile teams in peak performance wherever they go.

These fully configurable tablets include options compatible with any work environment. Enjoy the flexibility of customizing every aspect of your tablet—inside and out—from durability to display size, form factor to operating system, processing power, and accessories, too.

Discover the benefits of rugged, reliable, customizable tablets.

Purpose-built tablets will power job performance to their highest level. Zebra tablets are tough, far-reaching, high achieving and uniquely defined by you so you can work your way.

Customization that works

Zebra tablets go where you go and work where you work. Tailor each tablet to fit the needs of the work and the worker.

Durability that performs

Whether you’re in an average space or an extreme environment, these tablets are resilient, rugged, and have exceptional performance.

Support that’s unmatched

Empower your people and organization with tablets that are fully supported to ensure they keep going today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Extremely tough. Exceptionally tailored.

There are lots of rugged tablets available. But when you’re committed to setting a higher standard, you need a tablet that’s not only rugged, but also smart. With Zebra, toughness is just the start. Reimagine your workday with a purpose-built tablet that’s tailored to the way you organization operates. Choose your level of durability, display size, form factor, operating system, and processing power.

Choose the global market leader in rugged mobile computers with expert guidance from PiiComm. We’ll ensure you can stay ahead with an innovative tablet that’s highly secure, fully configurable and simple to deploy.

Enterprise rugged tablets

ET4x: Everything your workers need to do business faster and better, right out of the box.

Android business tablets

ET6x: Highly versatile tablets that can also be a laptop alternative or vehicle mount computer.

Healthcare rugged tablets

ET4x-HC: Rugged design, disinfectant-ready housing, built-in scanner and emergency alert button.

2-in-1 tablets

ET8x: Thin and lightweight, these tablest are as standalone tablet or with a detachable keyboard.

Propel your business with PiiComm

When you buy from PiiComm, you can be confident in your purchase, and:

  • Gain access to the latest technologies,
  • Procure genuine Zebra products and solutions backed by Zebra warranty, and
  • Benefit from the support and collaboration of an extended network of Zebra technology and vertical markets.

With PiiComm, your organization will be positioned to move beyond standalone technology and deliver true end-to-end solutions that meet your business needs. Along with the convenience of being located in Canada, we offer you:

The right product

Guidance from product specialists with extensive Zebra product training and a broad spectrum of certifications.

World-class support

Immediate access to the resources and technical support you need to best serve your business.

Exclusive access

Partner-exclusive access to the latest solutions, at competitive pricing before general availability.

Yes! I’d like to learn more about Zebra Technologies.

A PiiComm expert can help you select the right device for your specific needs and secure competitive pricing.

Please let us know if you’d like to learn more, test a device at your worksite, or receive a quote. Once you press submit, we’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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