Where Is Enterprise Mobile Heading?

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A Look at Key Trends in Mobile App Development and Mobile Device Management

We’re only a few months into 2016, and the big question is: What have we learned this past year? And what are today’s hot topics when it comes to mobile device management and other cutting edge enterprise solutions? We’ve summarized the three main trends for you right here:


Mobile device management or application management software are an integral part of most businesses’ mobile strategy. Focusing on security is essential due to widespread Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. Advantages are evident—employees remain productive and enjoy familiarity. However, businesses need to guarantee secure interfaces to corporate data and networks. It’s an important balancing act, and it is vital that enterprises prioritize their data safety over staff’s personal preferences and habits, especially with new tablets and phones being released and introduced constantly. Can your business safely handle all those devices and operating systems? Consider enhancing or upgrading your mobile device management solution to guarantee that it can support new products, or converting to application management to ensure cross-platform compatibility. It’s also recommended that you undergo regular health checks to ensure your software is performing flawlessly.

Mobile App Development

Mobile-first is on everybody’s agenda. However, what’s the best approach? Native development or cross-platform? Third-party platforms, web apps, or basic migrations of paper processes to mobile formats? The ‘how’ of mobile app development is only the first step; you then have to decide on the mobility strategy, i.e. how to distribute and manage the apps. Are you utilizing your mobile device management software for app delivery or relying on third-party tools? Take the following into account when making a decision: maturity of mobile environment, your mobile roadmap, frequency of updates, mobile tasks users perform, and any features they require access to. Do your research to understand what apps and devices your staff are using before committing to mobile app development, to ensure all business needs are addressed.

Example of a mobile app for couriers:


Video: ShipTrack Logistics Platform

Risk Management

Malware, viruses, intrusions—there is a rise in threats when enterprises add devices and mobile apps, which has to be managed very carefully. We have sadly seen numerous examples of such security breaches in national and international news in recent years, revealing sensitive data of businesses and individuals. Establish a process to regularly review security at network level, as well as for all devices, applications and data. Be meticulous and ensure to test all hardware and software.

Mobile is only gaining more importance and popularity over the coming years. Have a solid strategy in place, and contact an enterprise mobility services expert if you are seeking a new mobile device management solution or assistance with your mobile app development.

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