Use a Barcode as Part of your Mobile Strategy

Mobile Barcode Strategy – Using Generators and Systems

Making it easy for your customers to use their mobile devices to interact with your company and to actually buy products and services is becoming more critical to business success.  A great tool to help you achieve these business goals is the barcode.  Here are some tips on how to incorporate barcodes into your mobile marketing plan:

Implement a Barcode Generator Solution

What’s a barcode generator?  It is a type of software that allows you to create barcodes with the click of a button.  You simply enter your barcode data (such as product information, website or a file to download) and the barcode generator produces your barcode graphic.  You then paste or insert barcodes created into websites, documents or wherever you want to promote your products. One of the most useful barcodes you can utilize that can be read by smartphones is a QR code, a 2D type barcode.

Commercial Barcode on a can

Include a barcode on print advertising

Whether using direct mailers, newspaper ads or a print catalogue to promote your products, adding barcodes helps prospects to become more engaged with the content.  For example, adding a barcode to your newspaper ads allows your customers to load a video of what you’re selling onto their smartphones, where they can see in real time the features and benefits of the product.

Use barcodes in-store

Have you ever found yourself in a store, wanting to buy a product with no price tag on it?  If you add barcodes to the store shelves or to the product itself, it becomes much easier for a customer to find out how much something costs by scanning the barcode with their smartphone.  Barcodes can also include information on certain items. This can include data such as in a clothing store where information on whether the store has other colors or sizes in stock is extremely helpful to shoppers.

Incorporate QR barcodes into your social media campaigns

Barcodes in-store can give your customers much information on a product.  QR barcodes included in your social media campaigns allow your follows to learn about new products and services you are promoting.  These QR barcodes can also be easily shared with your followers’ own social networks. This creates buzz about your business quickly and organically.

Provide access to your mobile app through a QR barcode

QR barcodes provide direct access to a mobile app. This means that smartphone users are able download an app with one click or scan.  To provide this easy access to your mobile application,  include your QR barcode in your print ads. You can also include them in your e-marketing and social media campaigns, and on your website.

QR barcodes provide an innovative and highly effective way for you to share information with your customer base.  They are easy to create and share with prospects through a variety of advertising platforms.  With the help of a barcode generator, you can incorporate 2D QR barcodes into your overall advertising strategy. This allows you to connect your customers with your products and services right on their smartphones.

The Free Barcode Generator of Choice

The Barcode Generator is a free tool offered by PiiComm which allows businesses and individuals to create custom barcodes.

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