Why Specialized Mobility Services Providers Are In High Demand

Mobility Services Providers Fill Specialized Gaps In Traditional IT Support Desks

In today’s world, just about everything is mobile, and if it’s not, it will be soon. With cellphones, tablets, laptops and more Wi-Fi almost everywhere, mobility is something that every business needs to be on board with to succeed.

However, managing and supporting these mobile devices is no easy task. Back in the day, when computers were just starting to emerge in business, there were teams of IT people, whose job it was to deal with issues that might arise.  While IT staff are required, more and more companies are choosing to outsource their support needs. They are relying more and more on mobility services providers who are often better equipped for the job.

Why is it then, that mobility services providers are all of a sudden in such high demand? Why are traditional IT resources within companies diminishing, and what is so great about outsourcing support to another company?

Here are a few reasons why mobility services providers are growing so rapidly;

Bigger jobs

Sure, when companies had just a few computers that were literally connected to the wall at all times. It was easy for IT staff to take care of the management and support.  Now, everyone and their assistant not only has a desktop computer, but also a cell phone, a laptop, a tablet or another device. With hundreds or thousands of mobile devices in use, it’s simply not reasonable to expect an in-house IT team to take care of everything. That’s why mobility services providers, who have teams of highly trained professionals to provide support, are becoming so popular.

Better service

Another big plus about mobility services providers is that they can simply provide better and more efficient support. Because providing support and managing mobile devices is their sole duty, they are better able to deal with problems in a timely matter. Also, it helps that mobility services staff are specifically trained to support their clients. They can often nail down as well as  solve technical issues  more quickly than an IT person.

Tightly integrated

Even though mobility services providers operate off-site in specialized facilities, from the perspective of mobile users, they are an extension of internal IT help desks.  If fact the processes they use are so effective that users often don’t know they are dealing with an outside firm. This close working relationship and dedicated service staff builds trust and confidence.  The end result is a more productive, competent and thus happier work force.

One less problem

One of the biggest advantages that mobility services providers can offer is peace of mind. Mobile support is a huge chunk of work that can cost companies time and money. However, if they outsource that problem to a specialized mobility services provider, the company can then focus on developing its core business.

Overall, hiring a mobility services provider to take care of the mobile support section of a company can only mean good things. It will result in fewer headaches, less work and less stress for both the owners and the employees. Who doesn’t want that?

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The Managed Mobility Services Voice of the Client research study illustrates how a transportation company felt about using a managed mobility services provider.  The VoC study was performed nine months of dealing with an outsourced services provider.  Forty-one national staff members with full or partial responsibility for overseeing mobile devices participated in one on one surveys.

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