Does Your Business Need an RFID Reader or a Wireless Barcode Scanner?

wireless barcode scanner

Is an RFID Reader or a Wireless Barcode Scanner the Better Tool for You?

Do you have a new business, but aren’t sure how you’re going to keep track of all your inventory just yet? Two effective mobile handheld technologies are barcodes and wireless barcode scanners, or radio frequency identification labels, also known as tags, in conjunction with an RFID reader. While both have their advantages, you should choose just one, based on your business’ needs:

RFID Reader

The first component of an RFID tag is the chip that contains the memory and the RFID’s activities. Then there is an antenna to transmit the chip’s activities to an RFID reader. These two components are placed in a flat, square enclosure , which is often plastic.

In addition to being able to transmit radio signals RFID tags  store large volumes of information and can be updated regularly. As well, an RFID reader can pick up signals from more than just one item at a time, from up to 30 feet away.

RFID tags are commonly used in labels, tickets, badges and wristbands. If you are looking for a mobile solution to track where your assets are in the transportation and manufacturing industry, RFID tags are a great technology choice to manage your assets. Portable RFID readers are also great for tracking patient information in the health care sector. With this mobile solution, patient care and administrative tasks are made easier than ever. Errors are greatly reduced by ensuring that each patient obtains proper care.

Learn more about item-level RFID tagging in retail: click here


Item-Level Tagging For Retail Guide

Wireless Barcode Scanner

Barcodes are more common for identification of consumer products such as in retail or grocery stores. The vertical bars on the barcodes represent the same numbers listed at the bottom. When scanned using a wireless barcode scanner, product information is obtained instantly. With the simplicity of barcodes comes the advantage of security.  Barcodes can only be scanned individually and must be scanned within a close distance to obtain any information. They can also be printed cheaply and quickly, but can only hold a minimal amount of information, and can never be overwritten.

In the retail industry, barcodes allow automated reordering. By scanning one product in your store you can tell how many are left in stock and reordering this product is made simpler. If you are looking to open a new business where you will carry many different products and expect to be reordering these products often, barcodes paired with a wireless barcode scanner are an excellent way to keep track of your inventory.


Motorola Scanner Models – 1D / 2D Barcode – Wireless

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