PiiComm uses Jasper’s Control Center to boost data accuracy, cut operation costs and streamline communications with IoT

Control Center helps PiiComm accelerate business results and meet SLAs

PiiComm’s business model is built around the Internet of Things. The rapidly growing Canadian company delivers turnkey mobile solutions that connect phones, computers, printers and a variety of handheld devices to enterprise information systems.

PiiComm’s Managed Mobility Services (MMS) helps its customers boost data accuracy, cut operation costs and streamline communications. Its partnership with Jasper (now Cisco) helps PiiComm achieve these goals.

“Using Control Center really helps us in our MMS play. With it, we can manage any connected device,” says Rick Robillard, Vice President of Customer Care and Services at PiiComm. “We can automate a number of tasks by setting rules, regulations and alerts, while managing roaming and controlling overages. Control Center has really become a key component of the services we deliver to customers.”

Control Center gives PiiComm the ability to speed up device activation timeframes, improving overall customer service. PiiComm has identified new ways to increase cost and productivity effectiveness, while also creating more business value for their customers.

Building stronger customer relationships by providing more control and visibility over remote devices 

Initially, PiiComm used Control Center mostly to implement clients’ mobile services. Today, PiiComm brings Control Center into its clients’ operations, enabling them to gain greater control and visibility over their connected devices.

“Jasper gives you peace of mind when it comes to device connectivity and usage information,” continues Robillard. “We have a stronger relationship with our clients now because they can see how their devices are behaving on the network, and we can set rules and alerts to help them avoid any surprises at the end of the month.”

Enabling easy customer access to remote diagnostics and tools anytime, anywhere

Typically, the PiiComm team and their clients share access to Control Center.

“Even in the middle of the night, we’re able to log into the platform, ping devices, test them and get IDs. The available functionality and diagnostics tools really help keep our clients’ devices running smoothly. Jasper makes my life as a mobility manager easier!” concludes Robillard.

PiiComm’s promise to its clients includes superior service, and the ease of use and powerful features that Control Center delivers to help the care team quickly respond to customer needs.

“If a device needs to be replaced, we can easily use the Jasper platform to retire the old one, safely deactivate it and bring a new device online the same day. Without Jasper, we couldn’t serve our clients with the same efficiency. We had to wait 24-48 hours before a device could be activated,” explains Robillard. “Control Center’s ease of use and availability help accelerate our business and meet our SLAs with our clients.”

Robillard credits the Jasper support team with the ongoing success of Control Center implementations at PiiComm and their enterprise clients. He adds, “I can always get suggestions on functionality, how to provision something, and how to set up automation rules. I’m still learning the tool, but lots of fantastic people are there to help me.”

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