Mobile Device Management in the Warehouse

How Warehouse Management Is Greatly Improved by Comprehensive Device Management

The advantages of a technologically-empowered workplace are clear to anyone who has seen what a smartphone or tablet can do. But how do you deploy that technology to get the absolute most value out of it, especially in a warehouse setting? This is a specialized environment, and as such requires more than the average handheld and a lenient policy on devices. Instead, a full mobile device management strategy is the way to go, overseeing everything from device selection and deployment to delivering updates and technical support in a centralized fashion.

A Tool for Every Task

You want to use the right tool for every task.  All the better if a single tool can competently accomplish several tasks! You also want devices that can stand up to the rigors of heavy use, survive being dropped, etc. A centralized device management strategy by enterprise mobility professionals gives you the power to manage a full fleet of rugged, powerful devices. These include handhelds, tablets, barcode and RFID readers, and anything else needed to get the job done efficiently.

Easy Updates and Servicing

Security and application updates used to be a pain in the neck. Each device had to be serviced individually, while not in use, meaning either downtime or overtime. Today, a mobile device management platform delivers updates to each device simultaneously while it’s in use, saving time and money.  Devices that are experiencing faults can be diagnosed and potentially corrected remotely as well! The bottom line is minimizing the interruptions to your daily operations.

Improved Security

You can never be too careful when it comes to securing your assets. The devices you use in your warehouse or in the field can go missing or even be stolen, and your most sensitive corporate data could be placed at risk. By being able to remotely manage each device that has access to your servers or any other data, you are empowered to handle these situations without a sweat. You can remotely revoke access by a device or, even better, wipe it clean.

Comprehensive Lifecycle Management

Every device has a lifecycle, which starts counting down from the moment it’s switched on. Whether it becomes obsolete or is simply damaged or faulty, each one will eventually need either repair or replacement. Mobile device management tools will allow you to keep an up-to-date inventory and also monitor the health of each one.  This gives you valuable insights into total cost of ownership for each device and takes guesswork out of lifecycle management.

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