Mobile Application Management Improves Rural Healthcare

Mobile application management in healthcare

Provisioning Health Care Services To Rural Communities With Mobile Application Management Is More Effective Than Telemedicine

For patients seeking healthcare in rural communities, telemedicine may soon become a thing of the past with the onset of mobile health apps. More health apps are developed and used due to the increased popularity and availability of mobile application management.

It’s never been easier for healthcare officials to develop and deploy mobile apps to communities in order to provide faster response times to patients seeking medical services.

India A Leader

The Union Health Ministry in India is a prime example of the widespread use of mobile application management for healthcare. The ministry is launching health care applications for rural communities since these apps are proven effective in urban centres.

These mobile apps provide patients with information on awareness, prevention, and management of common health issues  such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and stress.

Unlike telemedicine,  these healthcare apps are accessible at any time, providing shorter response times for common health issues.

One of the apps connects patients with a  health worker, who can then record patient data in the app and send it to other health professionals.  This saves both patients and healthcare workers time by providing accurate, prompt, and up-to-date data.

Another app provides prompt information to healthcare workers about nearby blood banks and the availability of blood types.

Saving Lives

In emergency cases, this information can save lives by reducing the time it takes for patients to receive blood. Quicker response times make them a more reliable method of healthcare for rural populations, compared to telemedicine.

The introduction of mobile health apps is improving health care for people regardless of location.  The apps provide reminders to users to take their medication, make healthy choices, or use techniques to reduce stress. For more serious health issues, the quick response time can save lives.

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Mobile Devices in Healthcare

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