Mobile Application Management For Greater Security

Cybersecurity and mobile application management

MAM Offers A Dynamic First Line Of Defense Against Potential Security Threats

Cybersecurity can  seem like an issue for government and business, but it’s not just the big names that are targets these days. That’s why mobile application management (MAM), coupled with proper employee training, can help to protect any business. Here’s how:

Simplify Technology Concerns

With so many devices in the workplace, mobile application management is a must to secure data. That’s why a cloud-based app is a great solution.  It can often be the common thread between devices in a network and, with mobile application management, offer further security.

MAM systems frequently offer:

  • Push services, including updates, log reporting, and tracking
  • Usage analytics
  • App wrapping and user authentication
  • User and group access control

Depending on the security needs of your company, you can add more features or stick to the tried-and-true basics. This takes a burden off  IT departments, as they’re now required to only manage an application and monitor analytics.

Improving Employee Habits

Training employees to work with mobile application management policies and procedures can drastically affect your organization’s cybersecurity. By understanding how these many threats work, employees can better identify and avoid them, ensuring that their actions won’t negatively impact your data. In fact, it’s been suggested that informed employees with proper training are one of the best defenses in cybersecurity.

A Dynamic Solution

Mobile application management allows an organization to easily push updates to an application or policy to its employees. This allows greater flexibility and adaptability when it comes to dealing with challenges or cybersecurity threats. If an individual device is compromised, app wrapping can block data from the rest of the device.  It can even wipe the application.

While cybersecurity is evolving, thanks to the changing nature of the threats, an organization can do a lot to protect itself. Mobile application management services, specifically a cloud-based app, coupled with appropriate employee training can go a long way towards ensuring data remains safe and secure.

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