Four Ways That Mobile App Development Increases Productivity

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Enterprise Mobile Solutions for Employee Satisfaction

It has been estimated that by 2015 nearly half of corporate devices would be mobile devices and research shows that enterprise mobile solutions boost worker productivity by 34%. Mobile use is not just for the personal but is a powerful tool for business both for client and business relations but also enterprise employee satisfaction. Now that we live in this brave new world, it may be time to consider how mobile app development can benefit employee productivity.


Mobile app development targeted to enterprise offers employees the ability to work from anywhere including client sites, remote sites, traveling, or from home. This also cuts down on needed office space as employees opt to work from home or other locations since it is no longer necessary to access information from office devices. Employees who choose where and how they work find that this flexibility provides the opportunity for them to better manage their lifestyle and schedule leading to higher rates of satisfaction and productivity.

Easier Access to Updated Information

Especially for employees in the field, enterprise mobile solutions offer up-to-date information and easy access. There is no reason to carry heavy binders or search through printed material while discussing product needs for clients. A dedicated mobile app places relevant, accurate information at employee fingertips. They are able to focus more on the client and use their time effectively for sales, development, troubleshooting and more. Clients will note the added personal attention from unburdened field agents.

Greater Collaboration

Mobile app adaptation is key to fast, efficient, and effective collaboration. Employees who are in remote contact with one another have the ability to share ideas and develop projects without having to wait to schedule meetings or have everyone in the same location. Collaboration relies on communication. Employee’s collaborative productivity will result in quicker completion of collaborative work through clear, quick communication.

Example of mobile tracking app that connects delivery drivers to dispatchers and online shoppers:


Video: ShipTrack Logistics App

Faster Decision-Making

In addition to greater collaboration, enterprise mobility can lead to faster decision making. Once again, the ability to remain in communication with colleagues even when away from the office site provides more opportunity to finalize decisions with more consensus. This level of productivity brings deliverables on time or early so that action can be taken to maintain work flow.

These are just a few of the ways that incorporating mobile app development into your business will increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Contact your trusted mobile app service provider to find out all the ways that mobile development for your employees will boost satisfaction and productivity.

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