MDM software: a tool for more than IT

Mobile device management (MDM) software is a technology that IT directors and administrators use to centrally manage and control mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, printers, and other mobile endpoints.

If you’re a Director of IT, you’ve likely invested in this kind of software for several reasons, including:

  • Security Enhancement: MDM software helps you to improve security by enforcing policies, encryption, and remote wipe capabilities, ensuring that devices and data remain protected.
  • Efficient Management: MDM streamlines device provisioning, configuration, and ongoing management, saving you and your IT team significant time and effort.
  • Compliance: MDM solutions assist in adhering to industry regulations and internal compliance policies, especially if you work in an industry with strict data protection requirements.
  • Remote Work Support: As remote work becomes more prevalent, MDM software empowers your IT team to manage and secure devices regardless of their location.
  • Cost Savings: Effective MDM can lead to cost savings by reducing manual management tasks, preventing data breaches, and prolonging device lifecycles.

With mobile devices now integral to business operations across multiple departments and stakeholders, there are a number of other roles that use MDM software to help them meet their objectives. These include:

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO): As the individual responsible for overseeing the organization’s overall technology strategy, MDM software supports goals within this strategy, such as increasing the efficiency in which devices are managed.
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO) / Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): These roles drive value from an MDM software because it supports their need to ensure that mobile devices adhere to security policies, encryption, and compliance requirements.
  • Human Resources (HR) Managers: HR managers may use MDM software to manage company issued devices for onboarding new employees, ensuring device access and security during their tenure, and managing device decommissioning when employees leave.
  • Legal Counsel: Legal and risk management team members have an interest in MDM software to ensure that devices are managed in a way that mitigates legal and security risks.
  • Compliance Officers: In industries with strict regulations (such as healthcare, finance, or government), compliance officers use MDM software to maintain compliance with data protection laws and regulations related to mobile devices.
  • Operations Managers: Operations managers often use MDM software to ensure that devices used by field teams, sales representatives, and remote workers are properly managed, secure, and productive.
  • Finance Managers: Finance managers may be interested in MDM software to track and manage device costs, assess ROI, and ensure efficient allocation of resources.

If you work in any of these roles, you might want to get in touch with your IT team to find out which MDM software your company is using and how it could also help you to deliver on your team’s mandate.

Don’t have an MDM solution for your organization? We can help you assess various vendors against your specific needs. PiiComm is happy to help!


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