How Enterprise Mobile Solutions are Changing

enterprise mobile solutions

Welcome to the World of Mobile Application Management 2.0

Technically, enterprise mobile solutions are nothing new, but as one of the fastest growing IT industries (there are now almost 500 million mobile devices used by enterprise mobile workers), the demand for more robust programming has resulted in continual improvements and innovations. With cloud infrastructures becoming more advanced and the “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend continuing, it has resulted in a surge of new services offered by mobile application management companies. Included in some of the comprehensive new packages you’ll likely find the following:


The reason the mobile application management market is booming is because businesses see the value in enterprise mobile solutions.  However they don’t have the infrastructure to employ it through internal sources. Though configuration services are somewhat standard for third party mobile application management companies, most have extended this service to include setting policies, streamlining processes and performing demonstrated execution.


As technology advances so do security risks and threats, both of which may surpass the capabilities of internal IT administrators. As such, mobile application management companies must enhance security measures and increase their services to address this issue while still respecting the workers requirement for privacy, control and convenience.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions Devices


Data, numbers and analytics are some of the most valuable information to almost every business, which is why accurate and real time tracking and measuring is almost invaluable. To meet this demand for information, mobile enterprise solutions can now come fitted with customer dashboards where workers can monitor and report data, trends and KPIs right from their devices.


Just because enterprise mobile solutions have become increasingly sophisticated doesn’t mean the programs are immune to the occasional error, not unlike any other form of technology. In order to address this issue, most mobile management companies provide two main types of services, usually combining a culmination of both. The first is setting up a self-service portal, which can assist with basic errors and provide a quick fix. The second is helpdesk support. In a business world that never stops moving there’s no room for error anytime, and that’s why most companies will offer 24/7 support capabilities.

Enterprise mobile solutions are an indispensible asset to companies in a variety of industries. From increasing productivity to streamlining processes to improving track and measure accuracy, mobile applications continue to help businesses do what they do more efficiently. As infrastructures become more sophisticated and services more comprehensive, the benefit of these applications becomes nothing short of limitless.

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