Enterprise Mobility Barriers for Small Businesses

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From IT Support to Mobile Device Management, Every Problem Has a Solution

Mobility in business has grown massively in the last few years and completely changed the way many companies are run. When people think of enterprise mobility, usually larger businesses come to mind—but smaller companies can benefit from mobility as well, even though they may face unique challenges and barriers compared to larger companies. But for every barrier preventing a smaller business from embracing true mobility, there are solutions and answers.

Big Cost-Saving Opportunities for Small Business

Most small companies can’t afford to implement a full-scale enterprise mobility strategy all at once. There are a host of costs involved, such as acquiring the necessary technology, hardware, software, and mobile devices needed. Paying individually for in-house IT support, cloud management and mobile device management can quickly drain a small business’s budget. That doesn’t mean there’s no way to make it work. A dedicated managed mobility services provider can help you tailor a program to your needs.  By consolidating operating costs onto a single bill, you save money in the long term.

For example, because In-house IT support is not usually feasible for a small business, your mobility service provider can offer you access to off-site IT assistance on a per-use basis. They can also help set up mobile device management strategies, Hardware-as-a-Service or Software-as-a-Service plans.  They can implement cloud infrastructure that will help you save both money and space when compared to physical infrastructure.

Effective BYOD Solutions

For a small business, letting employees use the mobile devices they already own can result in savings.  Savings can occur  in terms of time spent deploying and training as well. The problem is, no two smartphones are the same—between Android, iOS, and Blackberry, everyone is using something different. A company that specializes in cross-platform mobile device management and support can be a great asset to a small business looking to stick to a budget.

Employee Satisfaction

When a small business tries to go mobile without the proper support, the employees usually suffer.  This can mean spending time during the workday trying to solve technical problems beyond their experience. It can also mean being forced to use personal time to resolve issues. It doesn’t make sense for a company to be wasting trained employees’ time, when it’s better spent helping the company succeed. And any person who feels forced to spend leisure time working on IT problems will not be a happy, loyal employee for long!

Affordable enterprise mobility solutions do exist, and they are available to help businesses of every size grow in efficiency and performance.



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