Enterprise Asset Management in Retail

enterprise asset management

Track Inventory, Deploy Mobile App Development, and Deliver Amazing Results for Customers

Think back to a shopping experience you had before the days of enterprise asset management. You’re looking through the shelves for something, perhaps a product you saw in a catalogue or on TV. You had no way of knowing if the store would carry it, so you trekked out on the off chance it would be there. After failing to spot it, you ask a sales associate—they’ve never heard of it, but they can take a peak in the back, and they swear it’ll only be a minute. 15 minutes later, they come back empty-handed, and you leave the same way.

Customer Benefits

Now imagine the same scenario today. Before you leave home, you check the store’s website and see that they have two in stock. When you arrive, you have a hard time finding it, but a sales associate quickly looks up on a tablet or a terminal. It’s quickly determined how many are left and where they are. Thanks to custom business mobile app development, barcode and RFID data are updated automatically. The associate can see that there is one left, and exactly where it’s stocked. Alternatively, they can see that the last one was just bought, but order new stock immediately. In some cases, even having it delivered to your door. If you have questions about a product that they weren’t previously familiar with, they can find you accurate information.

Business Benefits

Now, you’re the retailer, and enterprise asset management empowers you to provide a similarly comprehensive shopping experience to your customers. You can shave off hours upon hours of inventory tracking with an RFID reader, and have new stock ordered immediately as current levels get low or run out. Customers can be provided with up-to-date information on what’s available, what’s on sale, and where to find it. This technology empowers You can empower your sales staff with mobile POS hardware or handheld devices to serve customers without waiting. With mobile app development, you can make apps for your employees to use to deliver a better experience—or apps for your customers to use, like loyalty rewards, automatic payment, or even the power to reserve an item for pickup.

The bottom line? Well, there are two: first, your business becomes immediately more efficient. The quick flow of information between devices, and between your store and your headquarters or supplier, cuts out downtime and delivers fast results. Secondly, your customers—who have come to expect exceptional service—will be more satisfied with your service. And satisfied customers will always come back again, you can count on that!

Example of mobile tracking app for online retail shoppers:

Video: ShipTrack Logistics App

Delivering an exceptional shopping experience is within your reach with enterprise asset management and mobile app development services. The right deployment strategy is all it takes to start raising the bar on your service today!

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