Enterprise Asset Management in Mining

enterprise asset management for mining industry

Dig Up Better Profits with Asset Management and Mobile App Development Solutions

For the unfamiliar, a computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS, is a software application that helps an organization keep track of its assets and their lifecycles. They also track maintenance schedules, and more. When applied to enterprise-level corporations, it’s also often called enterprise asset management, or EAM, and it has dozens of applications across as many industries. There’s one industry in particular that benefits incredibly from a good EAM strategy, and it may surprise anyone not familiar with the challenges it faces. That industry is mining, and here is why every mine needs a good CMMS on its side:

More Assets = More Management

One of the biggest challenges of operating a mine is the larger-than-usual amount of capital required at the outset. A mine is a very large-scale operation, with dozens or even hundreds of workers, expensive machinery, maintenance, safety measures, and more. Disorganization will cost a mining company—how much is a matter of just how deep that disorganization runs. By implementing a clearly-organized and accessible database of all pertinent information, money sinks can be avoided. Thanks to mobile app development, many enterprise asset management systems are accessible  from the field within moments. Which leads to…

Safety Inspections

In the pen-and-paper days of safety inspections, mistakes were frequently made due to lost papers. In addition assumptions were being made by workers that assume because they can’t find a clipboard that the inspection checklist on it was probably, definitely filled out. Now, with a good EAM system, inspection information can be uploaded to a central server immediately. Integrated mobile app development gives workers the power to check any piece of equipment.

Lifecycle Tracking and Operational Guidelines

Imagine easily and effortlessly scheduling regular maintenance checks for every piece of equipment in your mine. With a good EAM system, you can do exactly that, and in turn reduce costs by properly allocating resources. Suddenly you have the data to build a more accurate picture of the resources you will need, reducing cautious overspending significantly. With these tools, you can also build operational guidelines that better accommodate this more accurate data, making your entire operation run more smoothly.

Reducing Faulty Data

This is where a good EAM outweighs a lower-quality one, or a paper-based asset management system. When your operations data, in any industry but especially in mining, is less-than-ideal, your business will suffer. The consequences can range anywhere from wasting financial resources to unplanned downtime and even facing legal issues or fines. For good data, trust a good enterprise asset management system, and use it correctly.
To enhance the power your EAM brings to your mining operation, enhance it with mobile app development and rugged devices.  This increases employee access to all the benefits that enterprise asset management gives you.

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