Barcode Generators, CMMS, and Inventory Control

With Cloud Integration and Wireless Barcode Scanner Deployment, You’ll Never Lose Track of Inventory

If your inventory is small enough that you can easily and accurately count it by hand with a small margin for error, then congratulations, you’ve managed to avoid a problem that many companies have. However, for larger inventories, whether in retail, logistics, warehousing and transportation, or healthcare, a system for managing it becomes necessary. Implementing a basic system revolving around a barcode generator is a good start. But when you have assets aside from inventory, even if it’s just a fleet of wireless barcode scanners, you’re going to want a system that combines inventory control with asset management. One such system is the CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System.

Defining the CMMS

As suggested by its name, the earliest CMMS platforms were for the express purpose of tracking data for the maintenance, repair, replacement, and general upkeep of the assets used in any enterprise. This platform is usable in a number of different industries. Mines and quarries use them to track the status of valuable machines vital to their operation.  Hospitals use them to maintain life-saving equipment—the applications are endless. Many use barcodes; a transportation company, for example, can inspect its fleet by simply checking each with a wireless barcode scanner. Management can automatically receive information such as when the asset was last in for repair. They can also determine when the next regular maintenance is and more.  Most CMMS platforms are also cloud-based for mobile functionality, so that a manager may help resolve an issue, even remotely.

Expansion into Inventory Control

Efficiency is the priority of nearly every industry. Streamlining processes to get the most work done in the simplest and most straightforward way. For efficiency’s sake, a CMMS can also help with  automated inventory control—all you need is a barcode generator. By labelling inventory with codes that are entered into your CMMS, you can then employ the same system to track the status of your inventory. By scanning in every item as it enters your inventory, and scanning it back out again as it leaves, you can automatically update a manifest that is mobile-accessible. This can reduce errors, and give you a clearer picture of how your inventory flows through your business.

The Power to Organize

Whether it’s restocking your shelves or filling out an order for shipment, time matters. Fortunately, a CMMS can map your storeroom so you know where every asset, product, and more can be found. You can even use your barcode generator to create virtual landmarks—labels that can be applied to the outer edge of a shelf that tell you where you are and what can be found within. As long as you’re armed with a wireless barcode scanner, you’ll never be lost again.

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