Barcode Business Basics

Barcode generators and printers can help expand a business.

Understand How Barcodes Are Made, Used, And What They Mean For Business

A barcode generator is a piece of software that assigns a multitude of information into a small convenient and scannable label. This technology is essential in categorizing items in warehouses, retail outlets or any business  looking to achieve increased visibility.  A barcode printer produces the physical label that has been created by the barcode generator. So how exactly does integrating barcode generators and printers into your business speed up processes?

Implementing a barcode generator speeds up your inventory management process by avoiding the manual input of data from each piece. Once barcodes are assigned to items and categorized into a database it is simply a matter of holding the barcode under a barcode scanner to change its status.  Maintaining a barcode printer also avoids the shipping costs and time associated with purchasing barcodes from a 3rd party. A barcode generator and printer combo gives you greater control over your assets and will save you time and money.

Types of Barcodes

When it comes to how much data the barcode can hold, you first need to think what about kind of barcodes you’ll need.  Do you just need the basics and want to keep it simple, or will you need something more specialized and complex? A barcode style such as Code 39 is very basic, and is the easiest alphanumeric barcode. It’s well-suited to simpler inventories as the barcode can be generated using a standard QWERTY keyboard.

Data Matrix 2D barcodes are used when you need to contain a larger amount of information within the code. They are different shape  and are ideal for holding complex or very important information. These barcodes are often used by the military and industrial parts manufacturers. The complexity of Data Matrix 2D barcodes requires a specialized barcode printer and generator, however.

Choose The Correct Scanner

Your barcode scanner will also play a role in the type of printer and generator you should buy.  Some scanners cannot scan large barcodes, while some cannot process the amount of data in a more complex barcode.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in a barcode printer depends on the needs of your business or organization. Most companies that sell the barcode generator software will be able to easily recommend what kind of printer to use with it and can help you assess your needs with regards to barcodes. Regardless of what you choose in the end, having the control and flexibility of your own equipment is always worth it.

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