5 Must-Haves for Efficient Delivery Mobile Apps

5 must-haves for mobile app development for delivery services

A Look at The Five Top Mobile Device Features That Improve Mobile Apps For Delivery Services

Due to efficient mobile app development for delivery services, delivery drivers use mobile devices for nearly every aspect of their job. Whether it’s a mobile phone or a tablet, these devices need to meet the many demands of the job and work efficiently at all time.

Mobile device and app features for successful deliveries recommends using a “rugged” device with the following features:

Scanning Functionality

Delivery apps include inventory management, product locations and estimated delivery times so a barcode scanning feature is critical for an effective delivery system. Devices with angled scanners can easily read labels while the driver is busy with an app component.

Battery Life

If delivery drivers are unable to charge their devices or are on the road for the day and/or night, a long battery life for the device is crucial for successful operations. Delivery drivers need to have access to their mobile apps for route planning so they can make their deliveries on time without getting lost. They also need to capture electronic signatures for proof of delivery. Drivers cannot successfully complete all their tasks without a working device.


Mobile devices get dropped and roughed up frequently in the delivery business. Rugged phones that are durable enough to withstand the rough daily operations are necessary for successful delivery operations. This is because they won’t  slow down, or stop working altogether if they’ve been dropped. Software and apps must be reliable enough not to crash or lose a signal at critical moments.

Excellent Connectivity

Losing mobile signals is one of the worst things that can happen while on the road. Delivery drivers cannot check in or access their mobile apps and routes if they cannot receive a network connection.  However, there are devices that have excellent connectivity at all times due to special antennae. Even if the driver is in the middle of nowhere, he or she will be able to use their device with advanced connectivity features.

Enhanced Security

Mobile apps include the collection of sensitive client and company data.  Devices and apps must have security to protect this data from being corrupted or stolen. Secure app development and security features on devices can maintain efficient delivery services without risking data breaches or device malfunctions.

Mobile devices can be an extremely useful tool when it comes to making deliveries. However, the devices must withstand the long hours and rough conditions all the while being secure and user friendly. Mobile app development for delivery services improves the efficiency of delivery operations, especially when paired with devices that have these strong features.

Example Of A Delivery Services App

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