3 Wireless Barcode Scanners Compared

wireless barcode scanner

What You Need to Know, from the Barcode Printer and Scanner Experts

Perhaps the most important data collection tool since the multifunction barcode printer itself, the handheld wireless barcode scanner is a tool that empowers its user with portability, flexibility, and in certain applications, even safety. Picking the right handheld scanner is a matter of understanding how it will be used day-to-day. Additionally its vital to know what features will benefit you most. We’re going to take a look at three great wireless units by Zebra Technologies Corporation, what they can do, and how you can use them.

CS1504 Consumer Scanner

Compact and lightweight are the words of the day with the CS1504. The CS1504 is a consumer scanner that can easily fit in your pockets, and even includes a keychain loop. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s not powerful.  This wireless barcode scanner can read barcodes in catalogs, print ads, or from a product itself. It can generate virtual shopping lists, instantly display product information on a connected, web-enabled device, and more. The CS1504 is perfect for business owners who need to regularly order new inventory, because it streamlines the process of creating new orders.

DS6878 Wireless 2D Scanners

I know I said we’d look at three scanners, but this is a bit of a cheat—the DS6878 series of handheld scanners includes models optimized towards specific applications. They all offer the same core features. Each of these wireless barcode scanners can easily scan any 1D or 2D barcode, whether it’s on a label or a screen. Each is powered by Bluetooth technology, and includes powerful image capture programs as well. When paired with a barcode printer that can produce drug labels and patient admission bracelets, the DS6878-HC is perfect for healthcare applications.  The the DS6878-DL is specially calibrated to decode driver’s licences codes. For USB connectivity, the DS6878-SR is a powerful but affordable option.

DS3578 Rugged Scanner

When you need a wireless scanner that can take a beating, you want to go with the DS3578. This cordless, omni-directional scanner is built in a rugged housing built to withstand the toughest conditions. This makes it perfect for industrial applications and other uses that might expose your wireless barcode scanner to severe conditions that other models just can’t handle. But the DS3578 isn’t just about brawn—it’s got the brains to back it up. With a powerful processor and advanced image capturing functionality, the DS3578 is the total package.

Whatever your needs are, there is a scanner for you. You can find these products and more wherever barcode printers and scanners are sold.

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